The metal is smelted using three electric and two coke oven furnaces.

We produce our castings by bentonite sand molding, carbon dioxide bonding process and gravity die casting.

At our site we have the equipment necessary for the further processing, surface treatment and heat treatment of castings, as well as the equipment necessary for the production of casting samples, such as:

  • with lathe,
  • with milling machine,
  • with drilling and marching machines,
  • with band saws,
  • with shot blasting equipment,
  • With TIG welder,
  • With 3D printer,
  • With 3D scanner,
  • with furnaces for heat treatment of aluminum and bronze castings,

… And with the measuring instruments needed to test the incoming material / finished product:

With Bruker Q2-ION optical emission spectrometer,
Proceq Equotip 540 Leeb D with portable hardness tester.