DNV tanusítvány


Our strategic goal is to be a long-term recognized player in the domestic and foreign markets for the production of aluminum and bronze metal castings individually and in small series.

We want to achieve this goal with cutting-edge technology, high quality and flexible service.
In the life of our company, QUALITY means:

  • performance according to the agreement (order, contract),
  • compliance with the laws and regulations of our products,
  • flexibility according to customer needs,
  • high quality professional training and attentive communication,
  • striving for faultlessness.

We use QUALITY as a tool:

  • to achieve customer satisfaction,
  • to increase our competitiveness in the market,
  • to ensure the continued success of our business.

In order to meet our goals, we have introduced, operate and continuously develop ISO 9001: 2015
a quality management system in accordance with an international standard, in which:

  • we define and fulfill the needs of our customers with the aim of completeness and precision,
  • we pay attention to the observance of the relevant laws and official regulations,
  • we regularly monitor and improve our quality management processes,
  • we provide the necessary resources for your work,
  • we help the development of our employees with professional training,
  • we carefully select and evaluate our subcontractors / suppliers,
  • we use the feedback of our customers and stakeholders to improve our business,
  • monitor the internal and external factors of our operating environment and the expectations of our key stakeholders and manage the risks and opportunities inherent in them,
  • by trying to prevent risks, we try to prevent mistakes, bad decisions,
  • we strive for continuous improvement by taking stock and managing opportunities,
  • management regularly reviews the effectiveness of the quality management system and identifies its development needs.